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Efficient Gas Detectors And Their Trademark Requirements

A Gas detector is an equipment used to detect gas leakage. It is often a part of a security system. This system can detect a gas leak or poisonous emissions and can launch a shutdown of the process. Gas Detection systems are a pioneering field where new inventions come up now and then. trademarking them duly is a prerequisite so the authenticity is held. 
Plasma Chromatography And Nanotube Technology
The trademarked Plasma Chromatography is used to detect the vapors emitted from dynamite. It is a practical dynamite detection system. Detecting dynamite in a suitcase is a difficult scenario. Imagine detecting it in an aircraft cubicle. This is when the PC comes in handy. Its detection precision is more efficient as it detects even a 5% change in air pressure around the suitcase. NO other basic interfering vapors were detected as the dynamite fumes were a nitric acid product.
A novel microelectronic gas sensor using carbon nanotubes for hydrogen detection has been achieved. The sensor i…