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Tips on saving gas

I used to bring my own car from office to work. But since the price of oil continues to go up for the last 3 to 4 months, I have no choice but to commute to work to save money and cut costs. But some people may have no choice, that is not to use the public transport for other reasons (i.e. perhaps due to emergency, security, management lifestyle, among others). Here are some tips I listed, just the same, to save money and cut expenses: 1.Compare and purchase the least expensive price of gasoline among gas retailers along the roads you usually trek. One of the benefits of oil deregulation is that consumers have the chance to collect information hom much gasoline retailers sell and to know the least expensive price. 2.Monitor the trend of gasoline prices in the world market and in the local events. In the Philippines, gasoline companies give announcement when to increase or decrease their prices a day before they move it.

When prices go up, always full tank your car the day before the price increase. Alternately, when prices go down, limit your gas tank content to a minimum, just enough for the daily use. 3.Take away all unnecessary weight of the car. The lighter the car is, the efficient it is to use. 4.Have regular oil change and car maintenance check-up (tires, breaks, car parts). This prevents other car parts from bearing too much stress. Undamaged parts most likely compensate the inefficiency/negative performance of damaged/worn-out parts. In effect, This prevents bigger maintenance expenses. 5.If possible, look for engine and gas additives as well as upgrades (mufflers, fuel lines, among others) to make your car run more efficiently. Hope this helps! By SmokeScreen


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