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Overview Of Various Gas Monitoring Styles

Gas monitoring and gas detecting devices are of great use in industries that deal with dangerous and toxic gases. There are various types of gas monitoring methods or styles that are followed in recent years. The gas monitoring style varies based on the type and use of the gas detector device. Workers who work in refineries, petrochemical industries, construction sites, etc. are at the high risk of gas explosions which can lead to death. Thus it is essential to install gas detectors in a confined workspace.

Some of the monitoring styles or types of gas detectors that are being used in various industries.

Portable Gas Detectors

These detectors are small in size and can be carried by the safety personnel or maintenance worker. It is mainly used for maintenance purpose and to check if there is a gas leak at specific times. Usually, workers carry these gas detectors so as to prevent any dangerous accidents due to gas leakage. This will help workers to know if they are entering a danger zone. Portable gas detectors can be connected with trackers and software that updates about the current status of gas levels.

Transportable Gas Detectors

These are similar to portable gas detectors and can be carried to various places. It is usually carried to areas where there is a potential risk of gas leakage. It is lightweight and battery operated, which makes it ideal to use it in remote areas. It is used for monitoring purpose of a particular area for detecting gas leaks.

Fixed Gas Detectors

This is a monitoring style where the detector is installed in specific points of your workplace. It is usually fixed in areas where there is a high risk of a gas leak. It is possible to configure these gas detectors for detecting a specific type of gases. They contain alarm and work based on transmitter and sensor technology.

Single Gas Detectors

This type of monitoring style is followed when you deal with only one gas. This type of detector is mostly used to check the levels of oxygen in a confined space.

Multi-Gas Detectors

This is a type of gas monitoring style used for detecting various gases at the same time. This is mainly used in industries that deal with many kinds of dangerous and toxic gas.

Bluetooth Feature

The gas detector transmits the data to the remote locations with a wireless connection. Thus you can connect the detector with your smartphone.
The above are some of the gas monitoring styles, which is being used in most of the industries.

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