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Basic Working Of Gas Detectors

Gas detectors are used for detecting the presence of harmful gas in an environment. There are various types of gas detectors which works based on different technology. It is essential that there is an uninterrupted power supply for the gas detectors. You must make use of backup power to provide continuous power to the gas detector device. There are modern gas detectors which can detect multiple types of gas leaks. The type of gas detector used varies based on the application it is used. Certain types of gas detectors are used for constant monitoring, and certain types are used for maintenance of your industries.

Here you would know about the basic working of gas detectors.           

Gas Detector Technologies

The various types of gas detector operate based on the specific type of technology. The sensor is an essential component which helps in detecting gas leaks under various conditions. There are several types of sensors used to detect different kinds of toxic and dangerous gases.

Catalytic Sensors: This is a type of sensor which makes use of electrodes for detecting the presence of hazardous gas. These types of sensors are used to detect combustible gases.

Infrared Sensors: This type of sensor makes use of a transmitter and receiver for receiving light signals. The difference in the rate of light transmitted detects the type of gas leaked. Combustible gases can be detected with infrared sensors.

Electrochemical Sensors: This type of sensor is used mainly for detecting the leak of toxic gases that are deadly for human lives. Some of the poisonous gases that are detected using electrochemical sensors are carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, chlorine etc. The basic principle behind this type of sensor is the signal generated by the electrodes. A digital display would help to know the level of a toxic gas leak.

Metal Oxide Semiconductors: This type of semiconductor is used for detecting toxic gases like carbon monoxide.  The sensitive film which consists of tin and tungsten oxides react when there is a toxic gas leak.

Gas Detector Applications

Gas detectors are mainly used for residential and commercial applications for the safety of human lives. The gas detectors are mainly used in industrial applications. Gas detectors are used in welding shops, in water treatment plants for detecting the presence of combustible and toxic gas. It is mainly used in confined spaces where there is a risk of disaster due to hazardous gases. Make sure that you maintain the gas detectors regularly so that it functions effectively and detects the gas leak at all times.
The above offers some useful information on the various technologies of gas detectors.

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