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Types Of Gases That A Gas Detector Can Detect And Its Working

Various kinds of harmful gases are used in various industries. There are chances for hazards caused due to the leak and improper use of these deadly gases. One of the challenging aspects of preventing disaster is that these gases are odourless, tasteless and are invisible. Gas detectors are used to detect the presence of these toxic gases and save the lives of people in and around various industries. The types of gases that can be detected by a gas detector and its working are detailed below.
Hazardous gases are classified into three main types which include combustible, toxic and asphyxiant.
Combustible Gases
These are highly dangerous gases as they can explode when they come in contact with fire or electricity. Thus it can be a significant threat to human life. It can cause damage to property as well. Some of the common types of combustible gases are ethane, butane etc. It is said that even oxygen is a flammable gas and it can be dangerous when stored in a high-pressure cylinder.
Toxic …