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For over thirty years, Skitter net has been involved in preserving people who put their lives at risk every single day. It requires a certain level of dedication and drive to work in such hostile work environments. Skitter Net believes that your employees require the similar commitment from you to ensure that both  health and safety comes first.  Most industries often use combustible gases and dangerous substances. This is why it is extremely important to use gas detection systems to avert any unfortunate accidents from taking place.

The gas detection system detects the leakage of different kinds of gases. There have been several instances where widespread destruction was avoided as a result of the warning issued in time by gas detection systems.  The scientists at Skitter Net have been working continuously to come up with better systems to offer reliable gas detection systems. We also have maintenance staff on call 24/7 to help you in case of any malfunctioning. Although all devices manufactured and installed by Skitter Net are low maintenance, saving you time and money on annual maintenance. The experts at Skitter Net also design customized solutions for different industries. If you have a particular requirement in mind, you can fix a consultation with our experts and choose a solution that is effective and budget friendly as well.  Take a look at through our gallery to see the wide range of products offered by Skitter Net. We are the final name in gas detection systems all over the world. Choose us for quality products and unmatched support and training.


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Be its wastewater treatment facility, or chemical processing plant or an oil company refinery, oxygen depletion system is considered to be very important part of the industrial safety program. These systems are very versatile in nature to be used in these or other industry due to the ability to detect or monitor unstable mixes of gases.

So it is very important to educate or train them about gas monitoring or oxygen depletion system so that when there is an emergency, they know exactly what is to be done. The training of worker or employee involves detection system, evacuation techniques, emergency management, for detection system and so on. We even advise getting trained on associated programs like CRM so as to enhance the customer relations aspect. In this regard, employees can be asked to join courses on Salesforce Training, Microsoft Dynamics, etc.
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The industrial process consists of the use of dangerous substances and combustible gases. This makes it crucial to engage a gas detection agency to avert potential hazards to industrial plants. Improper detection can lead to health hazards and risk to operational productivity. Prominent industries like iron and steel, hospitality and jewellery industry have signed up for gas protection. For instance, I Love Diamonds, an online jewellery retailer is one of our long standing clients and we protect their jewellery making workshop from potential gas dangerous. Our staffs take special training from, a source for critical information on occupational hazards.
Gas detection is the mechanism that detects leakage of gases. It is a no brainer to guess the importance of this system. Industrial processes use several hazardous gases that if exposed to humans can cause widespread devastation in terms of loss of life and detriment to the environment. World over, there have been …

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